282 Jane St, Toronto, ON M6S 3Z2

Operating hours: Mon - Sat: 7am - 7pm, Sun: 8am - 6pm 

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Your place to be

Located at the southern end of the Baby Point Gates BIA along Jane Street, Golden Gecko Coffee is your place to be. Whether it is meeting friends, getting the kids out of the house or just finding a comfortable place to read that book, Golden Gecko Coffee offers a comfortable and relaxed environment.


Golden Gecko Coffee is also the perfect place to visit while you are in the area doing your laundry or waiting for your kids to complete their classes at any of the local music, karate or dance schools.


The Baby Point Gates business community is a vibrant place to visit, shop, learn or relax. Golden Gecko Coffee is glad to be located in such a friendly and relaxed community and welcomes you to the area

Locally roasted coffee is
only the beginning

Our coffee is roasted right in our store, which means we know more about how our coffee tastes. We can offer advice on our selection and help you make the right decision, whether you are drinking coffee now or taking some home for later. 

We also offer a large variety of alternative drinks, both caffeinated and non-caffeinated. Our amazing golden latte is known not only for taste, but for the amazing health benefits it offers.

We offer a brunch menu on Sunday mornings and always have a wide range of baked goods - many of which are made in our kitchen. We also feature the great meat pie, a traditional Australian meal (for breakfast or lunch).

Golden Gecko Coffee is your destination if you are looking for great coffee paired with a light meal or tasty snack - at any time of the day



Not just a coffee shop - part of a growing community

Golden Gecko Coffee has grown with the community at the heart. Our focus is to work with and build the local community and to help other communities both near and far.


We offer a place for new parents to meet others and share their experiences. We offer a place for community groups to meet and share ideas. We offer a place to relax and listen to live music. 


We also just happen to offer a place with good coffee too.