Keeping kids warm

In the winter of 2018 / 2019, Golden Gecko Coffee teamed up with Wish & Give and Sistema Toronto to collect warm clothes for kids in Toronto. Thanks to the huge generosity of families, we were able to get gently used clothes to those in need.

'We've been handing out items to a lot of grateful parents over the last few weeks and it's so lovely to see happy kids all cozy in much needed {clothes} that fit. Thank you SO much for your help'

Christie Gray

Sistema Toronto




Supporting larger
community organizations

Over the course of 2018, Golden Gecko Coffee has donated to St Joseph's Health Centre Foundation several times as part of various activities.


Jake Healy (owner of Golden Gecko Coffee) has great support for local healthcare providers, and particularly supports programs for kids and young adults.

During the 2018 Baby Point Summer Festival, the community donated $120 through us to the foundation.


Every dollar counts and we are proud to continue to support St Joe's and their efforts to provide world leading health care to those in our community.



We are part of a global community

Coffee is a truly global industry, as the beans that we source come from many different regions around the world. These regions are suffering the effects of climate change and natural disasters as intense storms, extended periods of droughts and earthquakes cause significant harm to communities.


For this reason, Golden Gecko Coffee donates proceeds from the loyalty program to Shelter Box, an organization that delivers much needed resources immediately after disaster strikes.


We are part of something bigger

Golden Gecko Coffee is a proud member of the Baby Point Gates Business Improvement Area (BIA). The BIA is a volunteer organization committed to the support and growth of the business community in the Baby Point Gates area.


We recognize the support provided and shared by our small business owners in the area and encourage you to explore our amazing community and provide support by buying local. Check out these amazing small businesses:

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