We can do something

Australia is in the grip of the worst fires we have known. As we watch on in horror and sadness, there are things that we can do.

Donations are best right now, but if you don't have money, that's fine - there are other ways that you can help.

At the very least, we can all spare a thought for those that continue to fight the fires and for those communities that will now need to re-build and recover from this devastation.

Links to resources

The following links go through to legitimate resources where you can donate and help. We have also included other links to groups that are actively working to provide materials to help animals that have been affected by the fires.

Please watch for scams - we have done our best to make sure these are legitimate funds. In the time of need, some people still see the need to steal from those that want to help

Australian Red Cross Donation

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

WIRES (Wildlife Rescue)

Wildlife Rescue Boxes

Wildlife Victoria

Knitting Pouches for Orphaned Animals


It's what we do next that counts

We will continue to try and provide as many links to fundraising campaigns and special events as we can that is going on in Toronto and in particular around the west end where we are located.


If you are planing a trip to Australia in the future, make sure you go and support these communities that will be recovering. Spend your money at their hotels and their servo's (gas stations) - they need your support to recover.

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