Keeping it simple

Every time you purchase a hand made drink at Golden Gecko Coffee, you are working your way towards helping us support local community organizations. 

As part of our loyalty program, every time you complete one of our cards, we donate $1 to a community organization. In our first year we have donated over $500 to local, regional and global community groups. Learn more about our donations on our #OurCommunity page. 

Help us support other community organizations by grabbing a loyalty card and becoming a regular at Golden Gecko Coffee.

Hosting local business and social groups


Golden Gecko Coffee is a great place to meet friends or even to make new ones. The team are working hard with local businesses as well as not for profit groups to provide a safe and welcoming space to meet and collaborate.

From music to drawing, meet-up groups to mum's groups, Golden Gecko Coffee has the space for groups from 2 to 30 to meet comfortably. Depending on the group, we are happy to provide the space for free (we assume you will enjoy our amazing food and drink options), or for something specific, we are happy to discuss and work with you.

Learn more about the groups that are currently meeting at Golden Gecko Coffee:

If you would like to learn more about using the space, send us an email

Relax and catch-up


We have teamed up with our friends at MoonBeam Books to create a reading space for young adults as well as the younger kids. 

If you want some down time away from the phone, the kids or just life, come and grab a book and read it over a flat white or smoothie. We even offer book marks for you so that you can come back next time and pick up where you left off

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